25 000 matriculants will soon start celebrating the end of their academic year by either partying locally or descending on KwaZulu-Natal’s coast to attend one of the many raves like the annual Rage Festival taking place between 26th November and 5th December.


Theunis Kotze, ADT General Manager lnland Region says, “While safety is a priority for the event organisers at many of these raves, everyone who attends should also take responsibility for their own safety”.


“Students going away need to remember that although they are away from home and while it is about relaxing and letting their hair down, it is important that they still keep their safety top of mind.”


Kotze has some advice for Grade 12’s who will be celebrating at any of these Festivals.


–           Before leaving your accommodation for the day or night, ensure that anything valuable is locked away in a drawer or safe.

–           Never carry large amounts of cash or go out wearing flashy or expensive jewellery.

–           If your accommodation is a holiday house or apartment, make sure all the doors are locked, the windows are properly shut and that the alarm is activated if a system is installed.

–           When out at different events and activities, be aware of your surroundings and arrange with your friends to keep an eye on each other’s belongings.

–           If you are approached by a suspicious individual; walk away and report it to the closest security or to the police.

–           When it is time to return to your digs:

o          Never leave without your friends

o          Do not accept a lift from a stranger; rather use transport provided

o          Driving after a few drinks is not an option; call a cab or use event shuttles if they are available instead


Kotze further suggests that parents share these tips with their teens who in turn can share them with their friends regardless of whether they are going away or just celebrating at home.