Be safe at work

Media release

January 2013


Be safe at work

It’s the New Year and you’re either eager to start work or still dreaming about the holidays. Either way as you return to work it’s important to keep security top of mind.  Whether you’re returning to your old job or starting a new one, Mike Kidson, Managing Director of ADT Northern Region, says now is a good time to refresh all precautionary routines that might have grown stale.

“When starting a new job, it’s always wise to take a practice drive to the office before your first day, familiarising yourself with the route and any possible crime hotspots on the way. It will also give you an accurate idea of how long it might take you to reach the office, which allows you to give yourself enough time to reach the office safely. Rushing to work is never a good idea, both in terms of road safety and general awareness of your surroundings. It also increases the chances of slipups such as forgetting to lock the doors and closing all windows at home, not to mention forgetting to activate your alarm,” he remarks.

Once you’ve arrived at your destination, be sure to park in a safe area that’s not isolated. Survey your surroundings before getting out and locking your car. “Be sure to keep all valuables, such as handbags or laptop-bags, pinned close to your body. And never talk or SMS on your cellphone while walking. This makes you an easy target.”

Once you’ve reached the office building safely, consider introducing yourself to any security staff that may be on duty.  “Ask someone to show you around the building, having them point out where the emergency staircase, fire hoses and panic buttons are situated. It’s also a good idea to save all relevant security numbers on your phone in case of an emergency,” he says.

Be alert when driving home, especially at intersections. “By the end of the work day we are generally feeling fatigued and less aware of our surroundings. Keep an eye open for anyone who might be following you, and if you notice anything suspicious contact the police or your security service to meet you at home. Survey the area before driving into your property.

“Don’t become complacent, even though you’ve driven the same route to work many times. Staying alert and aware of your surroundings is the best bet to getting to and from work safely,” Kidson concludes.

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