Schools benefit from new water tanks

The severe drought during 2016 has impacted negatively on so many parts of our country. One of the hardest hit areas has been Kroonstad and a number of meetings have been held throughout the year to see how public and private entities can work together to assist in the drought situation as the Kroonstad water supply becomes critically low.

In a concerted drive to make a difference, local African Bank Branch Manager, Lourens van Rensburg, has spearheaded a drive to supply clean water for underprivileged schools in the area.

“I was so moved earlier this year when I attended a talk at my son’s school and heard that kids at some schools in the area were being sent home when the municipality cut off the water supply and there was no fresh water. Fortunately some of the schools have borehole water and I was determined to find a way to see how we could help those less fortunate schools. African Bank introduced their Community Champion Awards earlier this year and gave us the ideal opportunity to find a solution to the present crisis,” says van Rensburg.

Van Rensburg partnered with two schools with borehole water – Sentrale Volkskool and Brent Park secondary school – and installed two water tanks with filter systems that could assist surrounding schools.  The tanks at Sentrale Volkskool now assist 8 other schools around them including Oompie Kedoompie (118), Brakanjan (101), Shiny Kids (90), Babbelbekkie (60), Super Snuiters (50), Setloane high school (171), Zenith high school (175) and Kroon Akademie (209).  The tank at Brent Park Secondary school not only provide the 1 200 scholars with water but also all the other pre-schools in Brent Park with fresh water when there is a water shortage.

“This would not have been possible without the support of African Bank as well as Mr Welthagen from Sentrale Volkskool and Mr Nyathi from Brent Park secondary school. “Thank you for your big hearts and for allowing us the opportunity to get this incredible project off the ground. It will make such a huge tangible difference in the lives of so many learners,” concludes Van Rensburg.