Secure Connect – the latest in Smart Security Systems

In February 2018, South Africans will have access to Secure Connect from Fidelity ADT.

More than just a smart app or a cool thermostat, this solution seamlessly connects via broadband the key devices in your home on one platform — so they work together and work smarter giving you the ability to monitor, protect and automate your home. Each system can be easily customised to your home’s unique configuration and your needs.

The keypad has literally moved to your cell phone with this smart system. It allows alarms systems to be armed and disarmed, zones to be bypassed and unlike traditional systems that only alert you in an alarm event, this system lets you know what’s happening at your property at any time through video verification. Trouble conditions can be seen and activations received on your phone. To add to its appeal it also includes smart plug control so lights and switches can be operated from the phone, wherever you are and whenever you choose.

Unlike many parts of the world where self-monitoring of these apps is the norm, in South Africa due to the high crime risk in the country, you require monitoring of these apps through a security industry accredited and compliant central monitoring station, with armed response. And that is the beauty and differentiator of Fidelity ADT’s Secure Connect. You have to have the backup you can’t secure with off the shelf solutions.