Securing your small business

“Criminals have become so brazen that physical security barriers and alarms alone are no longer the only deterrents that business owners can rely on.” That’s the opinion of Clive Humphrey, Managing Director of ADT Central Region.

He says that entry methods have evolved from classic window breaking to burglars removing front doors completely.

“When doors and windows pose too much of a challenge, they will enter through the roof. We’ve also experienced isolated incidents in which cement blocks in walls were removed so that criminals could gain entry,” he says.

Humphrey believes a multi-layered approach to safety is the best solution to protecting your business.

“Early warning systems – such as electric fencing and outdoor detectors and beams – are valuable because they are able to detect intruders before damage is caused. It also enables armed response to attend to incidents faster and increases the likelihood of apprehending suspects. View-proof burglar-proofing is another option to be considered which is transparent but very strong and connected to the alarm system.”

He says that CCTV has become more affordable and, coupled with the internet and technologies like smartphones, small business owners can keep an eye on their premises using remote-monitoring when they are not there.

“Joining local community security organisations will also prove valuable,” says Humphrey. “Neighbourhood watches will appreciate the support and local community policing forums offer regular updates regarding crime trends and crime prevention efforts. This kind of information enables the small business owner to make informed decisions about security and reduces the risk of loss as a result of crime.”

He adds that another good partnership to invest in is the local SAPS station. “Make contact with them and find out the number of the local sector policing vehicle to keep at hand in the event of an emergency.”

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Compiled on behalf of ADT by Cathy Findley Public Relations