Service and technology

A focus on service and greater engagement through technology

While many medical schemes are reluctant to engage with their members on a more human level, Fedhealth is breaking the mould with its progressive digital strategy. Whether it’s via Facebook, Twitter or any other digital platform the scheme is committed to generating conversations which arise from good, quality content.

Digital Strategist, Brian Palmer explains that much of Fedhealth’s digital strategy is geared towards more meaningful and honest interactions with members. He explains that not only does this enable the scheme to address its members’ concerns, but also to gain a better understanding of their wants and needs.

Chris Norton, National Sales Manager for Fedhealth said the digital strategy was now being extended to brokers with the introduction of a new functional App.

Norton says the real differentiator amongst schemes in 2014 will be service and technology. “The industry has become so competitive that it is very difficult to differentiate products. On the corporate side, the bigger brokers are looking at open schemes to provide even better service than before. Turnaround times, query resolution and a team with a sense of urgency are prerequisites to compete and we believe our new App will prove to be a highly functional addition to our service,“ says Norton.

With the ability to generate immediate medical aid quotes;  load a member online (both individual and at pay points) and get a membership number in real time;  manage data transfer; data tracking; member listings and member searches and generation of commission statements, the App is a big time saver.

In addition to the App, Norton emphasised the additional support for brokers from personalised Client Liaison Officers for any company with over 25 members.  “This is often very beneficial for the small to medium sized brokers when having to manage paypoint claims. CLO’s can connect real-time to the system and sort out member claims.  There are  also Broker Consultants who can do presentations to clients and a back office support dedicated to producing broker reports and sorting out any issues ,” he says.

“Our customised Broker Consultant teams for the brokers and Client Liaison Teams for the corporate market offer a highly personalised approach and offer a direct line of service. They are also, in many cases, closely monitored by the scheme’s Board of Trustees to ensure standards are maintained.”

“We are continually looking at ways to improve our service offering to brokers and believe our new digital thrust will keep us top of mind,” says Norton.

Medical aids have a growing responsibility towards their members and brokers and transparency will be a key differentiator in future. Live chat rooms, online log in facilities for queries and innovative new apps are all very much a part of the future medical scheme landscape and will indeed help to shape this evolving landscape.

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