Shoot out in Khayelitsha

Monday 7 December: Six armed gunmen attacked a Fidelity Cash in Transit crew today at approximately 11:30 when they were collecting cash from a shop in Khayalisha Shopping Centre.


Wahl Bartmann, CEO of Fidelity Services Group, says when the Fidelity crewman went inside to collect the cash, he was not aware of three armed suspects within the store. “One of our Officers stood guard outside the store and it was only once the crewman had collected the cash and was approaching the Fidelity cash vehicle that a further three armed suspects outside the store opened fired on both officers,” says Bartmann.


A shoot out ensued and the officer positioned at the front door of the store was shot multiple times when he attempted to retreat back into the store. The crewman was also shot once in the right hand.  The suspects escaped with the cash bag, fleeing the scene in an unknown vehicle.  Bartmann says two of the customer’s staff members were also injured in the cross fire.  “Fortunately there was not a lot of cash taken but our one officer is in a very serious state and was admitted to hospital.