Sole2Sole – providing smiles, hope and building self esteem

On a sunny dusty Saturday morning, SAPS Brackendowns, CPF Brackendowns and Fidelity ADT assisted the Sole2sole project in handing out about 600 pairs of shoes in Thinasonke in Alberton.

“It was so great to be involved in this fantastic project.  The project was started by a young boy of 9 years old, named Dario Gouveia.  He had a dream and made the dream come true.  What an honour to help him make this dream come true – some really cold feet are going to be warm this winter,” says Linda Goodenough, Community Development Manager for Fidelity ADT.

The shoes were all donated to Sole2Sole Shoe Charity. Sole2Sole is a non-profit organisation which is devoted to providing new and gently used shoes to children in its community whose parents or guardians may not have the direct resources to provide. Sole2Sole does not only provide shoes to children – it provides smiles, hope and builds self-esteem in children one child at a time.

Caption 1:  The three Linda’s lend support. From left to Right Linda Goodenough (Fidelity ADT), Lindy (SAPS Brackendowns) and Linda from CPF Brackendowns with two Fidelity ADT Officers who helped to pack the shoes and create some order for the kids looking for a special pair of shoes. They are standing with the Hero’s from Sole2Sole – Dario and his sister.