Spike in opportunistic crime in Pretoria and surrounds

Fidelity ADT urges residents to remain vigilant about home security following a recent spike in opportunistic crime during the nationwide lockdown period.

“We have received numerous reports of theft of electronic devices such as cell phones from joggers, walkers and cyclists and even laptops and iPads through open windows and/or unlocked doors,” explains Leon Muller, District Manager at Fidelity ADT.

“The best defence against burglars, opportunistic thieves or armed robbers is to make your property as unattractive to criminals as possible by implementing extra precautions to keep your belongings safe, inside and outside the home,” says Muller.

With some  families at home, there are cars in the driveway, bicycles, toys and tools in the garden and often doors, windows and security gates are left open. All these things appeal to criminals and your home could be targeted, during the day or night.

We are also seeing an increase on Gate Motor theft in Pretoria, specifically Montana, Moot, Centurion and Garsfontein area . He says there is a thriving black market for gate motor parts. “Stolen gate motors are either stripped down and its various components (batteries, gearboxes, etc.) sold individually or they are sold as complete units to unsuspecting homeowners by these “access automation bandits” as they are often referred to.”  He says there is also a worrying trend of suspects lifting the gates off the rails to gain entry, accessing the property  and stealing the gate motors.

“Keep your security gates locked at all times and ensure the keys are removed. Activate early-warning systems such as garden beams and/or electric fencing and ensure these are linked to armed response. Ensure that your gate motor is secured in a steel casing or bracket, which is locked at all, times.  Make sure your alarm is working properly in all zones of the home,” adds Muller.

Get the whole family involved in security and ensure they know where the panic buttons are, how to use them and who to phone in an emergency.

“Tightening up small vulnerabilities can amount to a huge relief when it comes to home and personal security. Remain vigilant and do not leave anything to chance.” Muller concludes.