How to stay safe and keep the lights on during winter

May 2014

How to stay safe and keep the lights on during winter

With winter on our doorsteps, residents are reminded to be aware of and prepared for the possibility of power outages.

Eskom has cautioned that the country’s demand for electricity may exceed supply resulting in outages when the cold weather keeps residents indoors. These can wreak havoc with alarm systems and the signals sent to your security company’s control room.

Many people believe that their home alarm system is deactivated when the power supply is interrupted, however, all modern alarms should have a back-up battery pack that activates automatically when normal supply is interrupted.

Power cuts can also increase the possibility of false alarm activations and, despite having a back-up battery pack, it is important that you test your alarm regularly. This is a simple procedure which takes less than five minutes and should be done as early as possible so that technicians can address any problems which may be found before winter sets in.

The change of season has also brought with it more grey, dark days and with power cuts on the cards, there is the added inconvenience of the lights going out. While candles and touch-lights may offer a solution, they may not be easy to find in the dark.

In a bid to avoid being caught unawares, home and business-owners should consider installing Light Emitting Diode (LED) technology which is integrated into the alarm system’s wiring and automatically switches on for a maximum of 15 minutes when the electricity cuts out.

If there is an additional battery pack, the small, non-intrusive LED lights can stay on for the duration of the power outage – or a maximum of 40 hours – without draining the primary alarm battery.

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