Suspect caught breaking into telecoms cabinet in Bryanston

At around 08h20 on 9 November a Fidelity ADT Specialised Response Unit (SRU) team was on duty patrolling in the Bryanston area on Shepherd Avenue near Gaunt and Elgin road when Reaction Officer George Lenyanyabedi noticed four suspects busy breaking the lock of a telecoms cabinet

Steven Bronks, Community Development Manager Fidelity ADT, says the Officer called for backup and approached the suspects. “They immediately tried to flee the scene but he managed to apprehend one suspect, a white Toyota Condo that the suspects used was also recovered as they fled and left it behind. The suspect and vehicle were handed over to the Randburg SAPS.

“The increased visibility in the Bryanston area is definitely making a difference, especially since there is generally an increase in incidents at this time of year,” says Bronks. “We will continue the patrols and advise all residents to be extra security conscious, locking up properly and arming beams and alarms.”