Suspect caught following armed robbery in Randpark Ridge

On 11 November at around 11:30, a domestic worker was removing washing from the line at a house in Koorsboom Street, Randpark Ridge, when a suspect grabbed her from behind and threatened her with a knife. He ordered her into the house and ransacked the house taking a DVD player, several pairs of shoes and other items before leaving the house. As soon as the suspect had left the property, the domestic worker locked the doors and pressed the panic button alerting Fidelity ADT.

Nicholas Govender, Community Development Manager Fidelity ADT, says Reaction Officer Stanley Zulu was dispatched to the scene. “On his arrival he found the suspect standing at the main gate. He approached the suspect and started talking to him. The suspect then tried to run away but Officer Zulu caught him and took him back to the house where the domestic worker confirmed that he was the one who had broken in,” he says. The Honeydew SAPS were called and the suspect was handed over.

“We are very pleased that this suspect has been arrested. We urge all residents to ensure that their domestic staff carry a panic button on them at all times especially as there is a general increase in incidents at this time of year. Please also ensure that the panic button is working by testing it regularly. We commend Officer Zulu for his quick reaction and professionalism,” says Govender.