Suspects involved in vehicle theft caught

Three suspects allegedly involved in a motor vehicle theft syndicate have been apprehended thanks to the team work and collaboration between SAPS Lyttleton, Fidelity Secure Drive, Tracker SA, and Fidelity’s Specialist Intervention Unit.

According to Leon Muller, District Manager for Fidelity ADT, the team received information that a vehicle, allegedly involved in stealing vehicles in the Pretoria area, had been spotted cruising the area.

“We immediately started checking hot spots for motor vehicle theft in the Lyttleton, Brooklyn and Garsfontein areas. Our teams spotted a Toyota Etios driving along Lynnwood Road which had been reported stolen. The Etios, and a second suspicious vehicle, a Nissan X-Trail, were stopped and it was found that the ignition of the Etios had been tampered with. The second vehicle was checked and was also found to be wanted in connection with other crimes. The teams found equipment in the Etios used to break in and steal vehicles as well as vehicle computer boxes and car keys from other robberies.

Muller confirmed that the three suspects were arrested and taken into custody. “Of concern it appears that the same three suspects had been arrested in Garsfontein the previous weekend but were released. Unless we can keep these criminals behind bars they will continue to perpetrate crimes,” concludes Muller.