Take back your health

Media release

May 2014

Take back your health

Like wealth, your body, level of fitness and happiness is a long-term investment that pays-out in terms of being there for your family, children, growing your business or whatever life goals you may have. Medical aids are traditionally known for dealing in sickness rather than health, however by teaching, supporting and encouraging people to take their well-being into their own hands, we are creating the best guardians of our own health – ourselves, says Peter Jordan, Principal Officer of Fedhealth.

South Africa is currently ranked third in the world for obesity. This means that nearly two out of every three people living in this country have a weight problem. “We want to be part of the healthy solution and, instead of offering prescribed diets and exercise tips, Fedhealth has partnered with Sleekgeek to encourage our members and the rest of South Africa to start taking back their health.”

“We believe in supporting healthy communities – those with the tools to help you start making better choices,” says Jordan.  “With the Sleekgeek 8-Week transformative challenge you can and will become healthier and happier and, as an added incentive, the best overall performing Fedhealth entrant will also win an extra R2 500.”

Making a change in your lifestyle and trying to attain the weight and level of health you want is no easy task. However, many members of the Sleekgeek community, like Fedhealth member Francois Steyn who has lost 87kgs since 2012 (and four of the 8-Week Sleekgeek Challengers) can tell you that anything can be achieved if you put your mind to it.

“Like the old Chinese saying says, every journey starts with the first step.  Make the decision to take your health into your own hands, take the plunge and just take it one day at a time,” says Jordan.

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