Trespasser arrested in Berea

The battle against crime and ensuring personal safety is a three-way street – a collective responsibility between private security providers, the SAPS and the community.  


On 30 March at approximately 23:30, a suspect was apprehended by quick-to-respond Fidelity ADT Reaction Officers and an alert security officer at a neighbouring 

premises in Berea.


The suspect had gained access to a property on Tudhope Avenue on the corner of O’Reilly Road by walking through an unfenced property and gaining access into the back of the property by climbing over the palisade fence. Fortunately an alert Security officer from the neighbours’ side saw the suspect and alerted the security at a nearby retail outlet. 


Fidelity ADT Reaction Officers Shishambo and Lekebe were dispatched and on arrival managed to apprehend the suspect who was later handed over to Hillbrow SAPS.


Natasha Springfield, Community Development Manager of Fidelity ADT, says this highlights the importance of ensuring that your perimeter security is effective and in good condition. “We encourage residents not to be complacent at anytime during the day but to set alarms and ensure doors and windows are locked,” she says. 


She offers the following security tips:

  • Always lock gates, perimeter doors and close windows that are far away from where the family activity is centered. 
  • At night always lock perimeter doors and securely fasten windows. When retiring to bed, lock inter-leading doors of those rooms that are not occupied.
  • Do not leave curtains open at night as this allows people to see into the house.
  • Do not go outside alone to investigate at night. Rather switch off all lights and open curtains to allow you to see what is occurring outside, once your eyes have become accustomed to the dark.
  • If you note suspicious vehicles, individuals or groups in your neighbourhood, contact the police or your security provider.