Two housebreak suspects apprehended and arrested in Vorna Valley

Two suspects who broke into a home in Chris Barnard Street in Vorna Valley this week have been apprehended by Fidelity ADT reaction officers, Kagiso Aphane and Jamtha Chauke and handed over to Constable Kekane from Midrand SAPS.

Fidelity ADT Community Development Manager, Danny Maringa says the suspects gained access to the home by jumping over the perimeter wall and accessing the home through a window which was not secured.

The homeowner, who was in the home at the time, saw the suspects and immediately ran and locked herself inside one of the rooms and pressed her panic button alerting Fidelity ADT.

The suspects made off with a TV and escaped through the vlei at the back of the home. On arrival, the two officers heard a commotion and on investigation, were not only able to apprehend the two suspects but return the stolen TV.

“We must commend our customer on her quick thinking which was in part responsible for the suspects being able to be apprehended. It also was a good tactic to secure her own safety,” says Maringa.

Access to homes over perimeter walls and through unprotected windows is a common cause of house burglaries in South Africa.

Maringa says it is important to remember that perimeter security and access control remains the first line of defence. “We urge all homeowners to consider installing outdoor detection devices and perimeter security to reduce the chances of criminals reaching your property and gaining access to your home.”

Maringa says outdoor detection beams can be strategically placed around your property which will trigger the alarm before a criminal has the chance to get to the home itself. He points out that if you are considering a wall-top electric fence, make sure that the right fence is used as well as the right installer. “The effectiveness of these fences can be compromised if the wrong fence is selected and the installation done incorrectly. Choosing the correct installer is crucial and we highly recommend getting several quotes before choosing an installer. You should consider getting a qualified consultant to write a technical specification for the fence. This specification should take into account factors including the wiring and structure of the fence, the height, number of zones required, and the lifespan of the fence. The specification should then be sent to electric fence installers operating in the area in order to compare pricing, quality and advice,” he concludes.