Working together to make us safe as a community

Participants from Dinalview, the Sector 5 CPF for Germiston SAPS, SAPS Sector 5 Manager- Constable Sabadula, Col Khosa from Germiston SAPS, SAPS Reservists, CPF Patrollers from Deliville as well as Fidelity ADT and LTR and Navic Cloud all participated in a really successful visible patrolling operation this Saturday 21 March. 


Linda Goodenough, Community development manager for Fidelity ADT says there was a wonderful spirit of camaraderie and support even from the Deliville guys who serve across the border and joined us to ‘look after our hood.’ They are working together with their neighbours and other patroller groups to learn from each other and to share and this is really what community is all about.”


During the patrols three arrests of illegal foreigners were made. 


A new head patroller was also elected, Shane Phillips. Goodenough says working with Shane is a real pleasure. “He is so positive and works extremely well with the private security companies in the area. We are very grateful for the approach as the patrollers, being the feet on the ground for the CPF, play a very key role in our lives as well.”

“The patrollers really need to be applauded,” says Vaughan –———–, CPF Chairman. “They spend years voluntarily protecting their beloved hood. After a hard day at work, their choice is to protect, to pour all of their energy, commitment and enthusiasm back into the community.  While we are safely sleeping at night, the patrollers are working in shifts to protect.  It is a selfless undoubted commitment to their extended family – their “hood”A pack of ladies and gentleman who are the extra eyes and ears on the ground and who make a noticeable and tangible difference to the work we do together,” says –————————